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Students across the Basin gather for the Visual Arts Scholastic Event

ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – It was an art-filled day at Permian High School, as students from all around our community participated in the Visual.
They bring in their artwork, and they go before a judge, says LaRee Morris, the VASE Director of Region 18.
They visit about what they created to the judge and they get scored a one through a four.From photographs to full on sculptures, each piece of artwork was unique.And for many students it had a deeper meaning overall.On the outside it was black and the eyes were glazed over, says Christian Rodriquez, a student at Midland Lee discussing his sculpture of a pit bull.
But the inside of the mouth was colorful, and rich. People see pit bulls as being violent and ugly.But they can also be used for good.Rodriquez also believes that each piece of art work can help people look at things a little differently than before.It sets its own example. It shows what we can do, and how we can change other peoples perspective on things, he said.While smiling faces filled the halls with their artwork Saturday, Morris believes its times like these that prepare students for the real world.One thing that they learned is art criticism.Which is to describe, analyze, interpret and judge a piece of work, she said. It covers a lot of different areas.It is not just about art. It helps them learn to stand up for themselves and back their points up.

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