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Stuber review – Uber-set action-comedy gets stuck in first gear

… is disconcertingly fleeting, and if you compare this with something like the Beanie Feldstein/Kaitlyn Dever comedy Booksmart, the dialogue really does sound a bit pedestrian. • Stuber is released in Australia on 11 July and in the UK and the US on July 12.Read more

Stuber review Uber-set action-comedy gets stuck in first gear

2 5 stars 2 out of 5 stars Incapacitated cop Dave Bautista forces timid Kumail Nanjiani to help him take down the bad guys in this lame LA-set caper Vic forms an odd-couple partnership with his timid new civilian partner as they barrel around LA aiming
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Stuber Review Five-Star Promise Delivers a Two-Star Effort

It doesnt matter that I found Stuber unsatisfying because I am watching it the next chance I get Even though this swing-and-mostly Out in theaters July 12 and the first R-rated movie from Disney-owned 20th Century Fox Stuber from director
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Review Lana Del Reys Short Film Tropico

As the singer graduated to the majors so too did the scope and budgets of her videos culminating in a mini-movie for Ride the first single from last years Paradise And in a perhaps inevitable move in light of her fascination with movies
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The Best and Worst Movies of the 2019 SXSW Film Festival

And the shows team seems to know they cant merely coast in the invention of the source material the first new addition to the mythos Jordan Peeles Get Out only had one serious flaw but its shared by his follow-up hes so skilled
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Review Dont Go in the Woods

Coming across as a promotional showcase for a gaggle of young up-and-coming singer-actors Dont Go in the Woods tethers together numerous indie-rock musical numbers with a backwoods-horror-film framework thats the definition of an afterthought
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