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Strengthen Your Real Estate Business With Facebook Groups

Now is the time to tackle Facebook Groups and begin to incorporate them into your strategy as a real estate agent. Why You Should Use Facebook …Read more

Time to Social-ize Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Specifically real estate platforms Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn contribute to 90 of social traffic to B2B and B2C content and sites Operating under that knowledge if your company isnt on or properly leveraging social media business
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5 Facebook Campaigns to Boost Your Business

like and trust you through your advertising To learn the rest of Creath and Scotts Facebook marketing tips you can join the Secrets of Top Selling Agents Facebook Group here For more free real estate education including best practices visit Secrets
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Kite Realty Group Trust NYSEKRG Investors Should Think About This Before Buying It For Its Dividend

Owning a strong business and reinvesting the dividends is widely seen as an attractive way of growing your not improve It is worth considering that Kite Realty Group Trust is a Real Estate
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Exxe Group Inc Announces Shareholder Letter and Company Vision

NEW YORK July 17 2019 GLOBE NEWSWIRE — Exxe Group Inc OTC PINK AXXA a diversified company focused on synergistic acquisitions in real estate thanks for your continued support
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Facebook Vs Zillow A Breakdown Of Facebooks Real Estate Strategy And The Impact On Portals Around The World

September saw the launch of Dynamic Ads for Real Estate which lets brokerages and real estate websites promote live listings to Facebook users What do these features reveal about Facebooks real estate strategy has long hosted groups like Gypsy
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Seven Social Media Marketing Musts For Real Estate Agents

Be hands-on in your management of social media accounts Once youve opened your business Facebook audience insights will tell you which kind of posts generate interest and which kind lead to unfollows Follow this wisely Forbes Real Estate Council
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