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Stranger Things Season 3: 5 Theories Which Turned Out To Be True (And 5 Which Were Debunked)

Prior to the release of Stranger Things 3, there were a large number of theories being discussed online ranging from thoughts about what the trailers meant to theories about who would survive, who may return, and who might end up possessed. The theories …Read more

Stranger Things fans think Billy may become a monster thanks to season three trailer

At least thats what Stranger Things fans think after poring over every detail in the season three trailer Clues in the Stranger Things 3 trailer suggest Another theory claims the virus is spread by rats a horde of which were featured in a
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The Best Stranger Things Season 3 Fan Theories

Stranger Things season out of Hawkins for good Plus she might be out of a job if she stays The Starcourt Mall will no doubt affect the livelihoods of everyone who works in retail 6 Joyce and Hopper wont get together Another theory I hope isnt true
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10 Stranger Things season 3 fan theories to turn your world Upside Down

Their difference in age indicates that children could have been test subjects over a timespan of decades at the lab so the earliest kids that were experimented upon could be in their 40s by the time season 3 arrives sight in Stranger Things by
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Stranger Things Season 2 Review Better Vision But Too Many Things

Last year Stranger turn For a while I started to think that Stranger Things season 2 was shaping up to be one of my favorite TV experiences of the year But instead it feels like a disappointment to some extent Maybe Season 3 can redeem
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What Stranger Things Season 3 Might Look Like

Considering that early numbered subjects might have died as the government perfected their methods perhaps a 5 or 6 could still out there if we believe Ray is working with a 12 in secret Will Stranger Things season 3 have a younger telepath
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The Flash Season 5 Finale May Have Teased The Next Wells

Spider-Man Far From Home Theory Things Stars Address Season 3s Tragic Death Stargirl TV Series Will Reportedly Feature Original Green La Stranger Things Mayve Dropped A Big Hint That SPOILERS Su The Walking Dead Star Wishes Rick And Carl
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