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Storm in Gulf of Mexico to have short-term impact on oil market: Vandana Hari

The underlying sentiment in the oil markets remains weak. It is going to remain quite bearish on account of concerns over oil demand growth, says Vandana Hari, Founder & CEO, Vanda Insights. Excerpts from interview with ETNOW. How big a threat is the …Read more

Oil benchmarks pulled in opposite directions as Harvey skews market

28 UPI –Crude oil in the storms path Energy companies working in the Gulf of Mexico which accounts for about a quarter of total US production are starting to return staff to some offshore platforms as Harvey moves inland Vandana Hari an
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Unaware of Iran waivers Saudi Arabia pumped record oil in November

We have seen this before with producers ramping up just before they expect to agree a reduction Vandana Hari founder and chief have supported another cut in oil production to cut excess supplies in the market Opec and its non-Opec partners
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Qatar will withdraw from Opec on January 1

AFP Photo The nature of the animal as far as Opec is concerned is the bigger production capacity you have then the more weight you carry Vandana Hari oil said Mr Jakob Qatars decision to leave Opec can be interpreted as a short-term
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Why GMO Supporters Should Embrace Labels

Far from the end of the world GMO labels of the right kind are likely to have little to no impact on sales of genetically engineered very little is likely to change minds in the short term But among the large set with weak beliefs or
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Oil prices pulled by Harvey North Korea

29 UPI –Crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico was idled by the storm which remains parked over parts of south Texas Onshore many of the nations refineries remain offline because of heavy flooding in and around the Houston area Vandana Hari an
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Views On Oil This Week

Back to fundamentals the latest price spike also looks temporary the stock draw being a result of a sharp drop in crude imports through the Gulf of Mexico and a decline in GOM oil production due to Tropical Storm players have entered the market
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