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Stop Asking Women Why They Are Traveling Alone

When I tell people that I travel by myself for work (I'm a travel editor, after all), I am met with mixed responses, from, “Oh, cool!” (the general and normal …Read more

Why one woman wishes people would stop asking her about having kids

Its the quick answer to what people ask when they find out how old I am And so for all of you out there like me I feel you and Im with you Youre not alone even if you feel alone I know how you feel when you scroll the highlight reels
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USWNT equal pay lawsuit Everything you need to know about the Womens World Cup champions legal fight

Players on the United States Womens National Team national origin and religion and they are demanding a jury trial for the case They are also asking for equal support and development for their games as well as fair travel training and game
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Disabled woman left sobbing on plane floor by airline staff who broke her wheelchair

they might not always be able to speak up about what happened James was with me and he was really supportive but I might have been with someone less confident or I could have been traveling alone I would ask that there is some kind of training about
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Five myths about women traveling solo

Any woman traveling with a partner your attention is wrapped up in them Alone you are free to interact with as many people as you like for as long as you like Ive found that often when I meet a group of people and theres chemistry theyll
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Ask Amy They say Id be selfish not to give my mom a grandchild

DEAR AMY Im a happily married woman with Is it rude to say why Im skipping their tacky party Travel Troubleshooter Norwegian Airlines refund goes AWOL Problem Solved Metropolitan Warehouse wont pay up for damage Ask Amy He gets bellige
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3 Nigerian Women Beg for US to Help Stop Persecution of Christians

The trend of Christian persecution in the African country was discussed at a Heritage Foundation gathering last month Insecurity in Nigeria Eyewitnesses Speak featuring three Nigerian women who the skies they are not asking for relief
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