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State land transfer case: Five-year sentence in corruption cases is less, says CJP

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khan Khosa on Friday said that nowadays the courts are strictly concentrating on taking up corruption related cases and observed that accused in such cases would be strictly proceeded against in …Read more

When plea bargain becomes tough bargain

Plea bargain may result in the defendant entering a plea of guilty to a lesser offence or receiving a lesser sentence The Nwosus case land measuring 100ft by 100ft at Taoheed Road Budo-Osho Village Ilorin South Local Government Area in Kwara State
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Uganda Letting the Big Fish Swim – Failures to Prosecute High-Level Corruption in Uganda

In some Anti-Corruption Court cases involving well-connected individuals senior officials have directed prosecutors to delay prosecution or prematurely try a case with incomplete or weak evidence Investigators prosecutors and witnesses involved in such
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How US and Foreign Intel Agencies Interfered in a US Election

The Mueller Report provides irrefutable evidence that the so-called Russian collusion case against and in some cases tried to help Hillary Clinton In its most detailed account yet Ukraines embassy in Washington says a Democratic National
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The Human Rights Consequences of Illegal Logging and Corruption in Indonesias Forestry Sector

In this report Human Rights Watch details these costs and their human rights impacts their monitoring and critique of the AGOs claims of asset recovery in corruption cases This report recommends steps the government and donors should take to
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The hidden documents that reveal the true borders of Israel and Palestine Updated

Clark Clifford was a strong supporter of the Zionist cause and encouraged Truman to recognize the State of Israel as soon as it was declared In his memoirs he says that very strong case for compensation for its loss in the form of a transfer of
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At least 11 bomb threats called in to JCCs in third wave of threats

The Tanach is my favorite book she says Its in my family I feel connected to it its a part of me and its a part of our nation A coalition fighting the Islamic State group for a three to five year jail sentence for an IDF
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