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Stasera in TV: in onda Inception e Fight Club

Tre fratellini vengono lasciati accidentalmente in mezzo ai ghiacci dell'isola di Spitsbergen e iniziano una dura lotta per la sopravvivenza in attesa dei soccorsi. Inception [Canale 20, ore 21.00]: Dom Kobb ha la pericolosa e difficile arte di estrarre segreti …Read more

Texas Music Source

Texas music is as diverse as its people Nineteenth-century immigrants to Texas from the American South from Mexico and Europe shaped a variety of sounds unmatched anywhere else in the United States Southern blues and ragtime Mexican orquesta the
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New animation list starting in autumn 2012

Trading card game of Bandai deployed from September 2008 battle spiritTV animation As the series is the fifth work Card Battle Droid Blinger learned how to fight in battle spirits Tsurugi got the key spirit Shining Dragon Dragon and joined
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