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Sports, culture festival brings together Turkish, German communities

The European Sports and Culture Festival (ASKFEST) has brought together the sports and art enthusiasts at Lippepark in Germany's northwestern city …Read more

European Festivals I

Rick Steves' European Festivals

Boomerang Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Elini Kaldır! | Karsu Dönmez | TEDxIstanbul

Refugees Welcome is more than a slogan in Germany

Twelve-year-old Assrien arrived from Al-Malikiyah in northeastern Syria five months ago but today she chatters away in German Assrien plays soccer with German children on a makeshift field at a community part of a festival to bring together refugees
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Films celebrating football to be screened at IFFI collateral event in Goa – Read details

The Serendipity Arts Festival the history and culture of Goa which resonates with Goans better than any other sport The films demonstrate the unifying power of football that brings individuals together and creates a sense of community the statement
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How 10 countries besides the US celebrate Thanksgiving

Erntedankfest literally translates to harvest thank festival friends and family German communities take their festivities to the streets and to town squares for parades music dancing and of course food Because turkey a bird native to
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Spring festivals in the Kansas City area for 2019

This will be held at the Sylvester Powell Jr Community The festival as a whole is from 200pm to 1000pm The event will take place at East Forty Brewing in Blue Springs MO May 11 Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair the fair brings together
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Eurovision Sport delivers record broadcast proposition across Europe for FIFA Womens World Cup France 2019

We are committed to sport and to all the wider benefits it brings to individuals communities and society Switzerland Turkey and Ukraine Broadcasters in UK France Spain Germany Italy Sweden Norway Finland and Russia are among other
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An All-Star Event in LA Illustrates the Next Level of Consumer Engagement

And while it was community focused the event was also global in scope with teams in Germany of ComplexConan unprecedented festival and exhibition conceived to bring together pop culture art food style sports music and morediscusses
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