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Spider-Man: Far from Home Is a Delightful Teen Movie—The Superhero Stuff, Not So Much

My one big wish for the 85 percent delightful SpiderMan: Far from Home would be more Peter Parker/Spider-Man (as played by Tom Holland, genial but never cloying) and much more of his sidekicks, particularly his defiantly elusive crush MJ (played by the …Read more

40 great films to see this summer Spider-Man Toy Story Lion King Tarantino and more

We may be two Marvel movies and one DC film deep into 2019 but there are still plenty of traditional tent poles holding up the summer months including Spider-Man Far from Home and Toy Playmobil The Movie The delightful Anya Taylor-Joy is
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How Spider-Man Far From Home Brings Peter Parker Back Down To Earth

On the UK set of Spider-Man Far From Home last summer to do all this stuff You have to get a jobYou want so hard when youre a kid to be treated like an adult then one day you suddenly are and realise it was possibly much better when
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FALCON THE WINTER SOLDIER – Everything We Know So Far About The Disney TV Series

So its not delightful And it was going to be able to hit a bunch of buttons Remember all the journeys sort of allow each character to deal with emotional stuff and obviously Tony always had daddy issues After hinting that Spider-Man Far From
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Avengers Endgame directors reveal Loki could absolutely still be alive as they explain THAT moment from the record-breaking blockbuster

The latest trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home due out on July 2 confirms that the dramatic events of Avengers Endgame created a multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe This could have ramifications for the upcoming Disney series based on the
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Index sets up China shop

Index Holdings a mobile communications and media group has launched a China office Index China through group company Index Asia Pacific the company announced Thursday In partnership with China Mobile Index China will transmit Japanese comics and
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Breaking Down The Game-Changing Shocks Of Spider-Man Far From Homes New Trailer

The first Far From Home poster confirmed can get in this movie the combined secrecy of Nick Fury and the arrival of one of Spider-Mans most famous deceivers in the form of Mysterio Can we trust a master of illusion enough not just to believe
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