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Spare the education system

Ever since the Chief Minister Punjab has taken the monumental decision of making Urdu as a medium of instruction till primary in the schools of Punjab since kids, he feels, are unable to understand anything in English, my brain cells have gone all nuts.Read more

How to Change the Education System: Even With Little Spare Time

Biggest School In the World – City Montessori India

Corporal punishment still widely accepted in schools

Who's responsible for miserable educational system? Know from anchor Faisal Qureshi

Spare the education system

Ever since CM Punjab has taken the monumental decision of making Urdu as a medium of instruction till primary in the schools of Punjab No wonder our education system is in such a deplorable
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Patna University teachers to go on strike against new salary payment system

Under the new centralised finance management system CFMS the salary to university and college At present at least PU manages timely payment through internal resources to spare the teachers and employees from hassles they added
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Education Minister promising to end unpopular decile system

A system that some principals believe has led to white students abandoning local schools is set to be scrapped Education Minister Chris Hipkins while lower decile schools have plenty of spare room We dont have the money to keep adding classes
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Broken school funding system condemned by MPs

The damning report from the Commons Education Committee highlights the astonishing disconnect between the available money and the costs of delivering the system School funding s food portions or use spare staff to cover three simultaneous
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Best Linux distro for privacy and security in 2019

Tails which stands for The Amnesiac Incognito Live System is probably the most well-known privacy For those unable to attend the training all educational resources from the classes are available on Kalis website free of charge
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Gavin Newsoms budget aims to spare California schools from some pension pain

Gov Gavin Newsoms first state budget frees up hundreds of millions of dollars for financially strapped schools by easing pressure on their pension rates and steering some additional money to them for special education programs The agreement wont
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