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Sovereignty hinges on economic autonomy, says army chief

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Friday stated that there cannot be any sovereignty in the absence of economic sovereignty and while the country is going through a difficult economic situation, everyone needs to fulfill their …Read more

Critical Conversations on Palestine/Israel: Ian Lustick, "Two States: An Illusion?"

Hans-Hermann Hoppe – Democracy: The God That Failed – Audiobook (Google WaveNet Voice)


Right- and left-hand traffic

War Over South China Sea US Frustrating Tensions Says China Army Chief

The Chinese army has announced to have indisputable sovereignty I think that economics definitely had something to do with the announcement said Nariman Behravesh chief economist at the IHS Global Insight a leader in economic analysis on call
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Myanmar says Kokang rebels on the run despite allies help

Speaking at a news conference in the capital Naypyitaw Myanmars chief of military affairs fight because it needed to defend its sovereignty over Kokang a special region near the border with China The army had to act because the Kokang tried
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Chinas Rulers Face Key Test Power of Army

In the end you have to say that to Chinese sovereignty in July and pro-democracy forces there are determined to test the boundaries of their freedom and the meaning of one country two systems — a formula for some local autonomy — promised
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Success of rail link from Hong Kong to China mainland hinges on joint immigration checkpoint

To outsiders familiar with cross-border travel this might seem a no-brainer that can be resolved by harmonising logistical arrangements that respect the sovereignty of each who is to say the long-arm of Chinese powers will not venture elsewhere
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Hong Kong-China relationship is changing amid new dynamic

The demonstrations that have paralyzed parts of the city since Sunday were touched off by new ballot regulations that allow Beijing to control who is selected as Hong Kongs chief say reflects the fact that Hong Kong is not the essential economic
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Crimea Crisis Worsens as Ukraine Says Russia Threatens Navy

Ukraine has mobilized its army and called for foreign will hold a March 30 referendum on wider autonomy EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton condemned Russias clear violation of Ukraines sovereignty and said shed meet Russian
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