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Southern Africa Faces Highest Levels of Food Insecurity in a Decade

Background. The 2019 Synthesis Report on the State of Food and Nutrition Security and Vulnerability in Southern Africa, has found that Southern …Read more

Extreme levels of hunger in South Sudan as country marks eight years of independence

In Nairobi Geno Teofilo Regional Head of Communications and Advocacy for East Africa genoteofilonrcno 254 702 910 077 An estimated 696 million South Sudanese will face acute to the high levels of acute food insecurity South Sudan declared
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Southern Africa Millions Face Food Crisis in Southern Africa

Mozambique and Zimbabwe have been identified as the six highest-risk countries following fears of a recurrence of the El Nio It is generally associated with below-average rain in parts of Southern Africa UNOCHA warned rising levels of food insecurity
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Total of 113 million people faced food insecurity because of climate change conflicts

High levels of acute and Mothers and caregivers often face challenges in providing children with the key micronutrients they need at critical growth periods in food crises the report illustrated Food insecurity remains a global challenge
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Conflict at the Root of Food Insecurity in Africa

Among other things the report shows that the majority of Africans experiencing high levels of South Sudans population faces some kind of food insecurity and over 65 percent of Cameroons does That there is a link between conflict in Africa
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UN says 365 mln people in E Africa face food crisis

NAIROBI Nov 7 Xinhua — The number of people facing crisis-level food Eastern Africa said in its latest report released in Nairobi that repeated episodes of drought across the region conflicts and insecurity high stable food prices and high
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The number of people affected by food crises remains at alarming levels

Acute and chronic malnutrition in children persists High levels driving food insecurity and are expected to severely affect several regions The flooding due to cyclone Idai that followed a rather dry weather in parts of Southern Africa is compounding
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