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Source: Putrajaya set to allow Lynas waste to remain in Malaysia

Following approaches by Yeo's ministry, Australian authorities flatly rejected any possibility of accepting the Lynas waste in their country. On July 9, Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Deputy Minister Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis …Read more

Source Putrajaya set to allow Lynas waste to remain in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR July 30 The federal government will likely drop its requirement for Lynas Corp to repatriate its rare earth processing waste to Australia as a precondition for its licence renewal according to an official source The Straits Times
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Lynas a betrayal of trust

Lynas should never have been allowed to set up shop in Malaysia in the first place Where does he plan to spread the waste anyway In Langkawi Or perhaps a site might be found in Putrajaya leadership by example and all that And by offering the
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Malaysia plans June meetings with Australian officials over Lynas waste

Malaysias conditions the ministry set in December for Lynas to remove its waste stockpiles before its operating licence can be renewed Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Thursday that the rare earths miner will be allowed to continue operating
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We will allow Lynas to carry on Malaysian PM gives go-ahead

We will allow Lynas it reached the country Lynas unveiled plans last week to spend 500 million to set up a cracking and leaching operation in Western Australia to remove this waste and invest in value-added processing in Malaysia and the US
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Big bully Lynas must send waste home

Fuziah Salleh the MP for the city on Malaysia She has asked Lynas for a plan to either reprocess or permanently store the waste as a pre-condition for the renewal of it storage licence on September 2 A government source said Ms Yeo had the discretion
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A radioactive political football So what is all the fuss with Lynas

He had said while the issue of radioactive waste disposal needed to be resolved Lynas should be allowed to continue operating as Malaysia did not want to lose Atomic Energy Agency IAEA in 2011 and set up a parliamentary select committee in 2012
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