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„Sommerhaus der Stars“ 2019: Elena rastet aus: „F*ck Dich!, Trennung!“

In einem Vorschau-Video bei Instagram zeigt RTL etwa eine Szene, in der Elena Miras offenbar der Kragen geplatzt ist. „Schatz, bist du sauer?“, will ihr Freund Mike Heiter von ihr wissen. Elena stapft einige Meter vor ihm her und zischt nur ein: „F*ck dich!“.Read more

Kanye West Friedensstifter zwischen Kim und Bey

However their wives dont get on quite so well with speculation the singer is not too impressed with the reality TV star Earlier this year it was claimed that Beyonc asked not to be seated too close to Kim at the MTV VMAs but shes apparently now had
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Nineteen-year-old Robert lives with his mother in Halle-Neustadt once part of Eastern Germany and untouched by the economic boom When he meets a brother and sister on the run from their bourgeois existence it seems like he has found an escape from his
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Jeffrey Rosen The End of Forgetting

And last year an Argentinian judge held Google and Yahoo liable for causing moral harm and violating the privacy of Virginia Da Cunha a pop star actress and lead singer of a band called the Virgin Pancakes The judge ordered Google and Yahoo to
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A German dream factory This state-funded studio-based cinema followed industrial modes of production It established its own celebrity star system and marketed itself with the latest state of the art marketing techniques The aim was to beat the US
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