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Sirius Real Estate's shareholders barely approve of new chair

In an unusual move, Sirius Real Estate's shareholders voted heavily against the appointment of new chair Daniel Kitchen, as well as the landlord's pay …Read more

CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC convention time tracking the DEAD BILLS PICKER leaving PUC TECH LAWSUITS fight in DC

Instead of facing facts JUUL is spending big to skirt blame and fight real A New Age of Conflict Between Washington and the States by the Atlantics Ronald Brownstein A new proposal from Senator Kamala Harris requiring federal approval
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Has the news cycle killed soaring political oratory

The luxury of introducing a new idea in a controlled fashion The TV soundbite the press conference the never-ending round of interviews on 24-hour news channels they have come for the political speech like a great swarm of Hyundais and they
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Bristol Rovers and the Middle East connection

More than one-third of the 92 teams across Englands top four divisions have foreign owners or shareholders is to secure a new 21700 capacity ground which is the current subject of legal action So far the Jordanian has the approval of those
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ALEX BRUMMER Return of James Murdoch as Sky chairman demonstrates again the determination of family to remain in control of what it owns

It sent him scurrying off to New York leaving veteran private equity Senior non executives and big battalion shareholders at Sky need to make sure that with James Murdoch in the chair inter-company transactions are at arms-length and in a way that
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TOP NEWS Bramson Board Resolution Not What Barclays Needs Right Now

Barclays said its board strongly opposes Bramsons appointment to the board of directors and unanimously recommends shareholders vote against the resolution requisitioned by Sherborne at the Barclays AGM Barclays Chair was barely half that size
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The rising tide of climate change

The climate is changing according to a new report from the Bureau of Meteorology BoM Those who believe that climate change is a real danger immediate and urgent will similarly ignore this report The climate is changing We know
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