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Sinking Louisiana: Preserving Culture

Q: You've worked in Louisiana as a cultural anthropologist for many years. What first got you interested in Louisiana folkways and what are “folkways,” …Read more

Sinking Louisiana Preserving Culture

As the coast continues to wash away and people move north to higher ground traditions are being lost gumbo recipes traditional basket weaving French songs and stories Now the state is trying to do something to preserve them All month long WWNO is
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Oysters to Fight Erosion and Help Preserve Southern Louisiana History

Inside Science — In southern Louisiana the land is disappearing fast call the area home are losing not just their land but also pieces of their history and culture The loss of land affects where we live but also our sacred sites our burial
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Saving Cajun Country NASA Satellites to help Preserve Louisiana Wetlands

NASA scientists at Stennis Space Center are using satellites to study the Louisiana wetlands which are disappearing because of erosion sinking land and rising goes the homeland of Comardelles Cajun culture as well as the buried relics of the
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Native community in Louisiana relocates as land washes away

He first told us about these changes during our visit for PBS NewsHour four years ago There are multiple causes for the continuing land loss including decades of oil and gas canals speeding up erosion and the sinking of the land by three feet in the
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Lousiana has a crazy plan to save its sinking coastline

Many in Louisiana cultural center but because the river already carries land-building sediment through the area The first method to restore the coast uses slurry pipelines to dredge mud and sand from the riverbed and offshore then pump it to sinking
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Sinking Cities

THE SEPARATION OF ART from science largely at the hands of scientists themselves to preserve their rigor has created For example she opens the book with a meditation on how heritage and culture can be uplifted through the utterance of species
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