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Sigrid, Other Stage, Glastonbury: songs that are eerily beautiful, but rarely leave a mark

A year later, Sigrid was crowned top of the BBC Sound of list, and this year, she has finally released her debut album, Sucker Punch. Her ascent has been all the more impressive for her strict refusal to feature on male artists' work, and thus avoiding the fate of …Read more

Sigrid Other Stage Glastonbury songs that are eerily beautiful but rarely leave a mark

Norwegian pop star Sigrid is a blueprint for mainstream appeal Her feel-good chart pop elevated by a unique piercing voice with a weight and power well beyond her 22 years catchy hooks and sensitive lyricism has guaranteed her a major slot in the UK
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Beyonces New Album Only 1 Song Away From Completion

the singer told MTV Australia Despite Diplos offer Sia said she was unable to fly out because of schedule conflicts but is in the process of pitching songs to Beyonc When asked if her submissions were for Beyoncs forthcoming LP Sia said
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Teenager who suffered headaches for more than a DECADE is diagnosed with a golf ball-sized tumour

The procedure was a success with doctors removing the mass leaving the 16-year-old with 16 staples and 20 stitches in her head in the shape of a question mark Shaelyn said Im a strong girl I beat this tumor and Im proud of myself for making it
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Entelev CanCell and Cantron Not curing cancer since the 1930s

Such a message causes a lot of harm such as leading the patient to waste huge amounts of money to the point where he might bankrupt his family and leave nothing left for astonishing health benefits like no other substance on Earth
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The Incendiaries A Novel

We spend plenty of time here on The Millions telling all of you what weve been reading but we are also quite interested in hearing about what youve been reading By looking at our Amazon stats we can see what books Millions readers have been buying
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Programme Information

Taking a break from the operatic stage Bryn meets some the phenomenon of Stephen Song Wars and Text The Nation and helped the boys win three Sony Radio Awards Record label king-pin and electronic music fan Mark Jones presents the second in a
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