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Should We Cheer A Fed Rate Cut?

Later today, we will find out whether the Fed will cut interest rates for the first time since 2008. Indeed, this move is widely expected. Markets are counting on a cut of 25 basis points, and some are even betting on a cut of 50 basis points. This “insurance cut,” to …Read more

Should We Cheer A Fed Rate Cut

Looking at the past 35 years there have been few cases where the Fed stopped with one cut More a series of cuts has often been a leading indicator of a pending recession especially for 1989 2000 and 2008 In these cases off a peak in rates the
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Fed Poised to Cut Rates for First Time Since Financial Crisis Ending an Era

But a rate cut at this moment in the cycle sends a signal The current economy could be as good as it gets The Fed should be euphoric this late in a cycle but are not That reflects the uncertainty and the scars we still have scars
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Fed to cut rates for first time since 2008 to save the long-running economic expansion

The Fed cut interest rates and then go back to basing its decision on its more traditional metric the economic data I would argue they should go ahead and cut rates They should hem in the expectation for more rate cuts I think they should say
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Fed rate cut should goose stock market history shows

Financial analysts have a time-worn message Dont fight the Fed In other words stop thinking so much Or as John Lynch the chief investment strategist of LPL financial put it in a note to clients Well ride the wave Markets love Fed rate
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A Puzzling Rate Cut Has Led To Puzzling Predictions For Currencies

While common wisdom says that the US dollar weakens after a Fed rate cut historical evidence suggests the two over the last six months Will we see a higher US dollar and a higher low
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Merger cheer Sanofi lift European shares Fed in focus

But US President Donald Trump has got what he wanted which is a Fed rate cut I dont think we are going to make any significant progress on trade talks before the year end Trade sensitive auto stocks SXAP fell 08 the most among the major
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