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Should I get a credit card with travel rewards?

People that travel with any regularity, whether for business or pleasure, often go to different locations with each trip. And the credit card industry has …Read more

I have 15 credit cards and I combine sign-up bonuses with everyday spending to get the most travel rewards from each one

Credit cards may offer tens of thousands of travel miles or travelling with my family To get the best combination of value and flexibility from those miles and points I generally work to earn in the Chase Ultimate Rewards and American Express
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You Should Use Your Travel Rewards Every Year Heres Why

But if you want to get the most out of your travel rewards you should redeem them on a regular basis Heres why If youre new to travel credit cards you may wonder why it matters how soon you redeem your points There are several reasons why
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I have almost 30 credit cards heres how I keep track of pay dates benefits and rewards balances

I have more than 30 credit cards and these are my favorite tools for keeping track of benefits remembering payment dates and monitoring my spending
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The Capital One hack exposes the risks of racking up credit-card rewards

As Americans look to rack up credit-card points criminals are lurking in the proverbial shadows looking to steal their information Americans cant get enough cards via rewards programs Its slate of cards includes the popular travel-oriented
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5 Things to Do When You Get the Bank of America Premium Rewards Credit Card

Youve applied for the Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card and were accepted Once you receive it in the mail what should you Youll get a 25 boost on your rewards points resulting in 25 points per 1 for travel and restaurants
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The best credit cards for college students

Points I get should only pick this card over the Chrome if youre eager to focus on meeting the quarterly spending bonus Turn that upcoming tour through Europes cheapest party hostels into a credit-building opportunity Bank of America Travel
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