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Shisper glacier surge poses threat to Hunza residents

GILGIT: A surge in the Shisper glacier, located west of Hassanabad village in Hunza, is posing a bigger threat to residents with every passing day.
Gilgit-Baltistan Disaster Management Authority (GBDMA) assistant director on Wednesday said, “The 1300 metre wide and 600 feet long glacier is fast moving towards villages housing locals.”The Shisper glacier has moved 1,750 metres towards the villages in the last three months,” the assistant director added. “Two power houses have closed owing to which 70% of Hunza’s population has been rendered without electricity,” he further said. A portion of an under-construction power house has also been affected by the glacier surge. The Shisper glacier has surged during the last six months and a huge supra-glacial lake has been formed which locals fear can burst or overflow causing extensive damage.GB disaster management issues alert after glacier surge in Hassanabad Shisper glacier, located west of Hassanabad village, has surged during the last six monthsLast week, the GBDMA directed residents of Hassanabad village to remain alert and cooperate with authorities in light of a potential threat by glacier surge.The residents of the village were directed to vacate their houses and move to higher altitudes if they hear a siren from a nearby FWO camp.

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