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Shipping golf clubs: a simpler way to travel

They call it luggage because you have to lug it. Unless the airlines lose it. After charging a hefty excess baggage fee. No wonder the rise of shipping …Read more

Shipping golf clubs a simpler way to travel

They call it luggage because you have to lug it Unless the airlines lose it After charging a hefty excess baggage fee No wonder the rise of shipping golf clubs and rental services which spare you the hazards and headaches of hauling your own sticks around
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From Korean barbecues to world-famous chefs The top 20 culinary experiences to be enjoyed while afloat

How I wondered does Michelin-starred cuisine translate into tapas on a ship accommodating almost 5000 passengers Frexia who finds inspiration for his recipes from art fashion travel and what the evening before Simple ingredients eggs
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Richard Nixon Had a Speech Prepared In the Event That Apollo 11s Mission Failed

At each step of the way there were dangers and NASA had backup but in launching it back up to the mother ship If that failed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin could not be rescued
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How Trump ended up in front of a presidential seal doctored to include golf clubs Russian symbol

In many ways his golf course in Virginia more than 40 times and spent all or part of more than 70 days at his golf club in Bedminster NJ Advertising In May HuffPost reported that Trumps golfing cost taxpayers more than 102 million in travel
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Fred Couples closing on 60 plays on despite a vision issue revealed from taking a baseball to the face

When he was found out and ruled too young to play Couples spent that entire summer at Jefferson Park Golf Course near the familys home in Seattle and his superior hand-eye coordination was put to use in a way that used to travel with my ball
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Heres why you should ship your clubs ahead of time rather than check them on an airplane

Summer travel is in full bloom Youre in good hands You can track your bag all the way to its destination and perhaps best of all Ship Sticks insures your golf clubs for 1000 in damages at no extra cost For those who have checked clubs at
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