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SHC Hears Petition To Introduce Uniform Education System

The Sindh High Court (SHC) issued notices to Sindh chief secretary, secretary establishment, secretary and director education, and other relevant authorities over a petition requesting to introduce’ a uniform system of education’ all over the country, …Read more


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WWU 40th Anniversary Outstanding Graduate Ceremony – June 12, 2015

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SHC approached to introduce uniform education system across country

KARACHI The Sindh High Court SHC issued secretary and director education and other relevant authorities over a petition pleading for uniform and modern education system across the country
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Supreme Court asks State to continue Samacheer Kalvi for classes I and VI

The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Tamil Nadu government to continue implementation of the Samacheer Kalvi Thittam Uniform System State Education Secretary The Bench asked the Division Bench of the High Court to hear the main writ petition
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Controversial Military Malpractice Policy May Be Closer to Overturn Than Ever

This Friday the US Supreme Court will decide whether to hear a petition from Moani groups is that a member of one group has a uniform hanging in the hospital room while the other does not Daniels petition to the Supreme Court reads
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Complete text of address by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa at full court reference for CJP Nisar

It is also time to introduce some structural and systemic changes so as to minimize litigation eliminate unnecessary delays and rationalize the workload Time has also come when the judicial system as a Revision petition and First Appeal against
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Freddie Gray The Running Man

I was devastated I was numb to hear what happened to him says Rosalind Brown along with Fredricka attended special education classes The pair exhibited behavioral problems Freddie failed several grades Although some published accounts
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I told my wife to kiss the children goodbye

I remember looking at my wifes face and telling her to kiss the children goodbye for me he says He slipped into the police uniform 34 years ago having been just one of just a few from his clique of friends in Cospicua who went on to study at
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