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Shark Week 2019: Everything you need to know about the lineup and live streaming

Time to take another bite out of Shark Week. Yes, that wonderful week of summer is back on Discovery with a lineup of new shows all about sharks, including the theme week's first original movie. Capsized: Blood in the Water is based on a true story about …Read more

3 things to watch as the Nationals try to even the series with Colorado

Here are three things to watch for as the Nationals try to even the series in Colorado 1 Brian Doziers slow start to 2019 seems to be in the rearview Discovery Channels Shark Week kicks off in just three days but Parras getting a head start
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Shark Week 2019 Highlights schedule and how to watch

STATEN ISLAND NY — Shark Week 2019 are some of the key things you need to know to dive right in HOW TO WATCH Shark Week episodes will air daily on the Discovery Channel for eight days In addition viewers can watch live episodes and catch
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Shark Week Teaches Us How to Survive an Attack

Shark Weeks lineup generally veers from shows about shark conservation to shows about how badly theyll injure you if theyre lucky enough to get a hold of your leg On the one hand theyre glorious creatures who need Now you know how to
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The Best Streaming Video Services

Quality HD Offline viewing Coming in 2019 Price 6month with ads 12month without ads Hulu Live TV starts at 45 If you want all of the great things about cable TV staples like MythBusters and Shark Week well as BBC documentary programming
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Discovery To Launch Online Sharkopedia to Lend Credible Bite To Shark Week

The Discovery Channel is tapping new digital-media ideas to make sure its venerable Shark Week franchise doesnt get long mascot character Chompie Jr and his adventures and live-stream Meerkat events including a live shark feeding at the
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How does Hulu work Heres everything you need to know

You typically only have to wait a week streaming service following a price increase in January 2019 allows subscribers to watch live and on-demand TV programming from more than 60 channels including local news and sports along with everything
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