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Shanghai Indie Game Publisher Coconut Island Brings Chinese Culture to Steam

Were there any cultural nuances that were challenging to translate? Since this is aimed at a different audience, was there anything you tweaked or …Read more

Is Winter Finally Over for Chinas Indie Game Creators

A growing number of indie game developers turned to overseas platforms such as PC gaming platform Steam one of the worlds largest PC game publishing platforms There theyve been able to avoid Chinese at Coconut Island Games Studio in Shanghai
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Steam games in China Making the most of a lucrative opportunity

If you really want a game to become a hit among the Chinese audience on Steam then youll need to embed yourself further into that culture a few Indie publishers that help bring western indie games into the Chinese market such as Coconut Island
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Chinas indie game makers guard their independence in a greedy industry

The indie game industry has had its roots in China for over 2 decades An indie game refers to a game developed without a publisher Coconut Island said in an interview with local media in Chinese that the exposure Steam brings to
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A glimpse into the rising indie game scene in China

It also has voice acting in Chinese and English Its available now on iOS and Google Play The ConSimulator itch Steam Early Access by DGSpitzer and published by Bilibili is a charming management game about running pop culture conventions
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Coming to a screen near you

So how difficult is life for small app developers in China Quite difficult apparently Most indie many web game developers are also entering the arena Wesley Bao is the co-founder of Coconut Island Studio established in 2009 in Shanghai just
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The PocketGamerbiz Mobile Gaming Mavens on Ouyas chances on coming out on top

Theyve certainly had zero developer support and the publishers platform type game on touchscreens but I love the old fashioned 2D sidescrollers Wen Chen COO Coconut Island Studio I agree with Volker As developers – especially indie developers
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