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Shanghai Exchange Introduces New Rules For Star Market To Limit Speculative Trading

To curb speculation in its newly-launched NASDAQ-style market, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has announced new rules that will essentially limit trading during unreasonable market fluctuations. The limiting rules will be strictly imposed on the new …Read more

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Shanghai exchange moves to curb speculation even before trading starts at Nasdaq-style tech board introduces suspension rules

The Shanghai Stock Exchange introduced rules to limit speculation on the Star Market its new technology innovation board on Friday Chinese regulators are prioritising stability for the trading debut of the Nasdaq-style market which was launched on
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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Shanghai Stock Market Cited for Scandal

Shanghai International blatantly ignored trading limits on bond futures the report said and then flouted exchange rules The market was closed in May The Shanghai Securities Exchange did not fully estimate the risk involved in speculative markets
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Chinas National Team is doing everything in its power to stop stocks crashing heres the playbook

CSRC investigates electronic trading 24 funds suspended for 3 months 29 Shanghai Stock Exchange the stock market over the next few years 36 Ministry of Finance MOF relaxes rules for state-owned venture capital funds Rich New Yorkers are
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China fund managers rush to capitalize on Shanghais new tech board

SHANGHAI fear among market participants of the sort of price bubbles seen on existing tech boards such as the Shenzhen Stock Exchanges ChiNext particularly as the new board will ease trading restrictions such as maximum daily trading limits
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Chinas first IPO in over a year surges 40

It ended trade on the Shanghai Stock Exchange at The first-day rise or fall of a new stock is limited to 44 of its IPO price In December Chinas exchanges adopted stringent trading rules on new listings to curb speculative trading on new shares
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Chinas commodity markets confront credibility challenge

In recent weeks the Dalian and Zhengzhou commodity exchanges and the Shanghai Futures Exchange have all toughened trading requirements speculators from the market The problem is that every time the authorities change the rules in order to force
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