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Shane Dawson Finally Posted a New Video ⁠— and It's About Eugenia Cooney

He's known for his conspiracy-theory videos and his documentaries about YouTube celebrities. Now, Shane Dawson is back with another mini-documentary. This one is about Eugenia Cooney and her return to YouTube. Here's what fans are saying about …Read more

Shane Dawson Finally Posted a New Video and Its About Eugenia Cooney

The last video Shane Dawson posted was one of his famous conspiracy theory Of course Shane Dawson went to find the answers In his new video Shane Dawson entered Eugenia Cooneys home and asked her about her eating disorder rehab and the recovery
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Brunswick High School honor roll

High Honors Josephine Adolf Maeve Arthur Holly Black Sophie Blair Ethan Boll Maxwell Burtis Jennifer Doiron Seamus Flanagan Lily Gaffney Zachary Grant Dawson Hebert Olivia Crooker Eugenia DeForest Margaret Dickinson Joshua Dorr Elena
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