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Shane Dawson Death Video to Spark Many Health Concerns According to Eugenia Cooney

Notorious YouTuber Eugenia Cooney finally came back to social media and appeared in a video created by Shane Dawson in which she openly and briefly described her eating disorder and subsequent recovery from this. Eugenia openly admitted that she …Read more

The One Thing I Would Change About Shane Dawsons New Video as Someone in Anorexia Recovery

Last Friday afternoon at the office as I took a social-media-filled break I saw Shane Dawson food issues interview fellow YouTuber Eugenia Cooney For a long time people were concerned with Cooneys ultra-thin body as seen in her videos and
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Revamped OxyContin was supposed to reduce abuse but has it

Nearly a decade ago the FDA approved reformulated OxyContin and told the company Purdue Pharma that it would be evaluated on whether the new version decreased cases of addiction overdose and death role as both a public health agency and close
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Egg Cholesterol Increases Risk Of Heart Disease Death

As according to a nutrition expert a biomedical and nutritional sciences professor in UMass Lowells Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences Per the research tracking the diets health and overall lifestyle habits of over 30000 adults from all
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NY state police lag behind agencies nationwide on camera use

The mans family said he had been having psychiatric problems but posed no threat to anyone Unlike many other police shootings across the US no video of the May 23 confrontation equipped with dashboard cameras according to a nationwide Associated
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4 things you might not know about Planned Parenthood and abortion

Following the release this year of several sting videos targeting Planned Parenthood abortion has become one of the leading issues among GOP presidential percent between 2003 and 2008 according to the World Health Organization
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Deputies Suspected drunk driver slams into cruiser kills another suspected drunk driver

according to Sean Teare chief of the Harris County District Attorneys Office Vehicular Crimes Division Investigators are working with the Harris County Toll Road Authority to collect video surveillance of the main lanes to determine where he started
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