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«Shaft» – Tel père, tel fils

Tel père, tel fils, Shaft un jour, Shaft toujours. Il y a des années de cela, sous les feux d'une fusillade un peu nerveuse, Shaft II tente de protéger sa femme et leur enfant. Rien de bien grave ce soir-là, la routine même, mais Maya se fait la promesse d'élever …Read more

Two Friends Les Deux Amis Cannes Review

As they say in France tel pere tel fils But as the story comes to a head and the three wind up at the same Parisian hotel it becomes clear that Two Friends is all-too true to its title with Mona serving mostly as an excuse for Clement and Abel
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Michel Petrucciani The Mischievous Elf Of The Piano

Michel Petrucciani was the first important jazz pianist I ever But in 1992 on a tour called Like father like son Tel pre tel fils Petrucciani came to perform with his father guitar player Tony Petrucciani It was a delightful and intimate
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RIDM 2013 Marcel Ophuls 86 misses his plane arrives a day late

tel fils Wikipedia has it wrong as do several books and DVDs of Ophuls films and even imdbcom the online movie bible jheinrichmontrealgazettecom I went to a movie and a comedy festival broke out Cinemania 2013 A man but no woman as Anouk Aime
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Antoine Plante has big plans for Houstons Mercury Baroque Ensemble

As French Canadians say Tel pre tel fils Antoine Plante gave in to the seemingly inevitable Like father like son His parents are pioneers in Montreals early music movement His father Gilles a recorder player is co-founder and director of L
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Not an ordinary presidential election

Im sitting here in my hotel room in Tel Aviv packing to go homeback to New York hell Ive been there beforeNixon Reagan Bush pre and fils even LBJ when I was an anti-Vietnam teenager But this would not be a victory like those
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Coming to Africa

Tour fils might lack some of his fathers gravitas the elder and the two subsequently performed together at the Tel Aviv Opera House in 2010 That in turn led to The Tel Aviv Session an impromptu recording of original songs employing
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