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Serena Williams really doesn't care for critics of her fashion sense

'People always have things to say when you're wearing fashion. It could be good things. It could be bad things. I don't care what people say,' she …Read more

Serena Williams really doesnt care for critics of her fashion sense

Serena William is never going to change her fashion game comment on Serena Williams style but the star says her life is far too complicated to worry about her critics
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Fashionable 50

You know Serena Williams the tennis and being fierce ON CRITICISM OF HER STYLE People always have things to say when youre wearing fashion It could be good things It could be bad things I dont care what people say Im like just so past
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Serena Williams Proves as Big for Black Athletes as Being No 1

All the adversity that she and Venus had to go through really Serena wrote in her 2009 autobiography On the Line But I dont care if they fine me a million dollars I will not play there again Serena Williams isnt without critics
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Serena Williams Is the Champion of the Year

Really the only remarkable thing is her make sense of the whole thing put it all in cultural contextand lets face it that last one was loaded The 2018 US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens New York all the world watching Serena Williams
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Serena Williams catsuit controversy evokes the battle over women wearing shorts

Not surprisingly this really rankled the old guard he wont do anything to stop the crawl of social change And how did Serena Williams respond to being chastised for wearing her black catsuit She simply showed up a few days later to win
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Serena Williams brings daughter Olympia to Caroline Wozniackis bachelorette weekend

Serena Williams and her 17-month-old at the island nations famed pig beach The fashion designer was however not on board to frolic with the oinkers and was keeping her distance I dont really do wildlife she said from behind the camera
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