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Sentiment Indicator for Commercial Real Estate Financing Remains in Negative Territory

In the second quarter of 2019, the German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI) by ZEW and JLL decreased by 1.4 points to a current reading of minus …Read more

ICRA downgrades rating on debenture programmes of Edel Finance Co

ICRA has downgraded the rating on the long-term market-linked debenture Rs 1000 crore and non-convertible debenture programme Rs 750 crore of Edel Finance Company Ltd EFCL retaining a negative comprising real estate and structured debt
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Why US Real Estate Will Heat Up In 2018

It decisively entered into positive territory rate trend will remains conducive for the continued recovery and will continue to stimulate increased home building activity in the US real estate market Having examined several key indicators of real
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Will a Protracted Shutdown Cause Serious Damage to the US Economy

For now macro-economic data remains in good shape with low unemployment among a variety of positive indicators but economists fear that consumer and business sentiment could markets unit for commercial real estate finance company Walker Dunlop
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Real estate investment banking outlook for 2019

As a result we expect to continue to see elevated levels of inbound commercial real estate acquisitions I think we can all be grateful for no REIT IPOs in 2018 given the negative sentiment towards almost all IPOs given the high profile underperformance
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The Latest Indicators Confirm The Economy Is Still In Growth Mode

The Federal Reserve Banks weekly H8 report of real estate loans this which was off -9000 Negative comparisons remained at 10 types of carloads Intermodal traffic was up 12300 or 52 YoY Turning now to high frequency indicators for the global
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US finance execs hold on to positivity

Some countries have negative outlooks some positive but overall weve kind of seen a neutral impact year over year stagnant said Zach Kendro CPA inactive director of finance for for MIMCO a commercial real estate investment firm
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