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Senate requisitioned session

Clamour imminent over no-trust motion against chairman. By Tariq Butt. ISLAMABAD: An intense wrangle between the opposition parties and ruling coalition-backed Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani on the question of taking up the no-confidence motion …Read more

Opposition Submitted a Requisition to Call the Senate Session

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Senate session summoned to discuss no-confidence motion

Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani has summoned the opposition-requisitioned session of the upper house of parliament tomorrow July 23 but only to discuss the no-confidence motion against him without any voting However in a significant development
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Requisitioned Senate session can take up no-trust motion

ISLAMABAD Opposition parties on Friday rejected Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjranis claim that a no-confidence motion could not be taken up in a requisitioned session of the house and warned that any uncalled-for delay in convening of a session would be a
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Govt buys more time on Senate no-trust move

Sources in the Senate secretariat said opposition members would only be allowed to speak on the no-trust confidence against the chairman during the session requisitioned on July 23 The agenda for
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Senate session called on 23rd on oppositions requisition

Meanwhile a meeting of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and its allies in the Senate has been convened on Sunday to discuss a strategy ahead of the session of the Upper House requisitioned to
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Sanjrani says ready to face Opps resolution as Senate meets on Tuesday

However it is still not clear whether the no-confidence motion can be moved in a requisitioned session of the Senate Sanjrani recently said that only discussions on public issues may be allowed in the session drawing sharp criticism from opposition members
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Opposition senators unlikely to get nod to table no-trust motion

Deliberations are under way at the Senate secretariat as to whether the opposition senators can table a no-confidence motion against the chairman during the session they have requisitioned
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