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Selling real estate? The CRA is watching

When your client sells property, the transaction must be correctly defined and reported for tax purposes. Failure to do so may result in unwanted audits, …Read more

How This Real Estate Agent Made 100000 In One Month From His YouTube Channel

Along the way he got excited at the potential to make money on YouTube from watching other successful the unique way he launched his real estate career and that strategy grew steadily He eventually did begin selling houses By the time he was
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Led by the Chinese foreigners are buying dramatically fewer American homes

This not only made it more difficult to purchase real estate in America but prompted some Chinese investors to sell their US assets China started restricting outbound investments in 2016 allowing residents to take only the equivalent of 50000 out of
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Warrens latest proposal tells a morality tale about the economy

recently joined protesters in Philadelphia opposing the planned closing of Hahnemann University Hospital which was recently bought by a private equity firm that now plans to sell it for parts most especially the prime real estate on which it sits
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Apple is now selling smart blood pressure cuffs in-store and online

Nevertheless bringing Withings BPM Core to Apple stores shows the tech giant is doubling down and is willing to give up more in-store real estate to third-party medical a prime growth target for the Apple Watch 4 and other connected devices like
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American Airlines old headquarters at DFW Airport is up for grabs

Commercial real estate firm Transwestern has been hired to sell the 3-building almost 14 million square special and unique in this region said Hardage I look forward to watching the evolution of this iconic DFW asset
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Condo flippers beware The taxman is watching you and has new tools at his disposal to take action

If you plan on selling a home or condo that you budget to help address tax non-compliance in real estate transactions The CRA uses advanced risk assessment tools analytics and third
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