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Selfie culture is harming Canada's parks

In today's Big Story podcast, when you get back to nature this weekend, and stop for a pic for Instagram, take note of how many people around you are …Read more

Selfie culture is harming Canadas parks

Workers at Canadas parks have definitely noticed Its not the pictures that are the problem Its the litter and the crowds and for some of Canadas best little spots the location data
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How do we save national parks from overtourism

Selfie culture poses a real threat to the great outdoors National parks have been around for a long time descend for minimal amounts of time while causing disproportionate harm and offering few benefits to local inhabitants whether human or animal
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Selfie Deaths Are an Epidemic

Because Storr says there are fewer more demonstrative ways of asserting your status in our culture have banned selfie sticks but thats more related to the protection of cultural resources Litterst says Other parks like Yellowstone
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Controversy over wildlife tourism and selfies in the Amazon

World Animal Protection organization wants travelers to stay away from wildlife selfie tourism in the Amazon that involves like stays at jungle lodges or experiences with indigenous culture National Geographic reporter Natasha Daly traveled to
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Animal-friendly travel tips so you can see the best of wildlife abroad without harming animals

After all there are some pretty spectacular nature reserves and safari parks where you can get a closer glimpse of the animals in their natural habitat However there are also some attractions which could actually be causing harm to the animals – and
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QA EMA on Oculus Rift Sci-Fi Punk and Social Media Dystopias

Click here for all of our interviews with fascinating people from the worlds of sports and pop culture It depends When you pay taxes you get free sidewalks parks etc and you know you pay a certain amount of taxes for it
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