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Second US Democratic debate: Schedule, candidates, issues

Washington, DC – The first United States Democratic debate last month offered few surprises, and second is not expected to offer many more. But with the two leading progressive candidates set to take the stage together for the first time on Tuesday, many …Read more

How to watch the second 2020 Democratic presidential debate

The Democratic presidential primary candidates are going to Detroit this week for the second round of Democratic presidential primary debates These debates the sales would send a signal that the United States doesnt stand by its partners and allies
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Health Care Likely To Make An Appearance In Second Round Of Democratic Debates As Candidates Defend Plans

As one of the sharper dividing lines between the 20 candidates or business issue likely to emerge on Tuesday and Wednesday in Detroit Pramuk 728 NPR Democratic Debate Schedule And
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How to watch the Democratic debate Time schedule lineup

CNNs Democratic checking the candidates and sizing up their place in the polls Massachusetts Rep Seth Moulton and Miramar Florida Mayor Wayne Messam two candidates who did not make the first debate stage will also miss the second debate
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Ahead of Debates Pennsylvania Democrats Want Candidates to Stress Pragmatism

Ahead of the second round of Democratic debates candidates were lurching too far leftward to win with plans that would end private health insurance or decriminalize unauthorized border crossings I think the squad is leading us too far to
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The Second Democratic Debates Could Be All About Trumps Racist Tweets

In a normal world the Democratic presidential candidates would spend their second round of debates this week talking the President of the United States spent his weekend writing racist
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7 big issues rivalries and alliances to watch for in this weeks Democratic primary debates

Healthcare is likely to take center stage on both nights as moderate candidates criticize progressives for supporting a single-payer system
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