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Scientists use time travel to trace how cancer evolves

Sergei Doulatov illustrates how hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) reveal a timeline of mutations involved in myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), often a …Read more

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Cancer from a physicist's perspective: a new theory of cancer

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Scientists use time travel to retrace how cancer evolves

But if we think of cancer as genetically driven process that evolves over time the molecular-level DNA mutations patients with the same precancerous condition Doulatov said scientists could identify the initiators mutations that tend to
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New cell-tracking technique sheds light on breast cancer spread

Some of these influence the cancers ability to spread while others have no effect This complexity say the authors has direct bearing on our understanding of tumor evolution Cellular barcoding allows scientists to trace the lineage of cells
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New measurement of crocodilian nerves could help scientists understand ancient animals

The trigeminal nerve is rooted inside the skull but must travel scientists can start to trace the evolution of this nerve and the mechanism used by crocodiles Some species of ancient crocodiles lived on land and they probably wouldnt have a use
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Is Ian cured Maybe the astonishing cancer treatment of Australias chief scientist

But now the neuroscientist the former chief scientist all his cancer-related symptoms and would soon be in complete remission Cure is not a word oncologists use lightly But Gurney lets the word pass his lips For the first time we
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Cancer cells in blood could help trace tumours evolutionary past

US scientists have developed an improved area of research – Professor Carlos Caldas Cancer Research UK The discovery could help study how tumours evolve and understand how their genes change over time This in turn may help guide research into
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Cancer biomarkers Written in blood

Both teams also showed that ctDNA was more sensitive than circulating tumour cells intact cancer cells that also travel trace of such cells But most exciting to scientists says Diaz is the ability to watch tumours evolve and adapt over time
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