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Scientists Resolve Keystone of Cilantro's Beneficial Effects

Scientists resolve keystone of cilantro's beneficial effects. New research explains the mechanism behind cilantro's anticonvulsive benefits. Cilantro's taste and culinary flavor may significantly benefit health as its rich in disease-fighting properties. Traditional …Read more

State Dept Admits Keystone XL Pipeline Climate Impact

The net effects of the pipelines impact on our climate The environmental analysis of Keystone XL released today once again supports the science that this pipeline would have minimal impact on the environment he said The next step is
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Keystone Backers Await Report Vital to Pipelines Fate

Obama has said he wouldnt support the pipeline if it were found to substantially boost carbon-dioxide emissions that many scientists the potential economic benefits to communities in its path In waging their war against Keystone opponents have
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The GOP Must Be Crazy

Most of them cited economic benefits that long since have been debunked But all of them cited the pipeline as a demonstration of our national resolve to defeat tree can put partisanship above science Keystone XL has been studied to the point of
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Kerry calls climate change a weapon of mass destruction derides skeptics

The problem was not finding a scientific solution but a lack of political resolve Today that the costs associated with doing the right thing outweigh the benefits The science is unequivocal and those who refuse to believe it are simply
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OPINION US should not give up on challenges

Since well before I began my political career in the early 1960s the keystone of our politics was an unflagging were not generating enough good jobs and the benefits of the recovery have flowed more to some than to the many The growing awareness
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How to Talk About Climate Change So People Will Listen

In the best of times this problemgiven its apocalyptic stakes bewildering scale and vast potential costwould be difficult to resolve Today most scientists have concluded that the effects of acid rain were overstated to begin withfewer
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