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Schwarzenegger played the fans of electric vehicles in the form of seller

The famous American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger played the buyers of electric cars, having donned the image of car salesman that runs on gasoline. The video prank was posted on Youtube. The artist approached customers of a car dealership and …Read more

Coming for the Projectionist Special Screenings June 20-27

The Month of Schwarzenegger Ahnulds on with John which is known to Back to the Future fans as Doc Browns house Laguna Art Museum 307 Cliff Dr Laguna Beach 949 494-8971
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Mitsubishi Triton creating a commotion

To the point where they account for the nations two top-selling models of any class in the form vehicle of any kind last year – is also creating quite a commotion Of course it shouldnt come as a complete surprise that the Triton has a bit of a
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Terminator Dark Fate Teaser Released Full Trailer Coming Thursday

Arnold Schwarzenegger himself A highway suddenly starts to freeze Electric volts start to emerge People start to notice An orb forms in the middle of a bridge putting a hole in it said Brandon Davis Cars crash A couple that was making out
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For the love of the Swede keeping Saabs on the go on Irish roads

Saab Sierra Alpha Alpha Bravo always played up in hindsight overplayed its roots in aviation but it did mark it out as somewhat left field And for a car fans are less than enthusiastic about the NEVS 9-3 and few if any see these new
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The Education of an Ambivalent Feminist

Since Educated debuted at number three on the New York Times best seller list in February In the end however even if Westover and most of her fans dont want to admit it Educated may reveal more about the place of feminism in contemporary US
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Why Tesla is such a battleground stock

Jim Chanos of Kynikos Associates a short seller who 400000 vehicles After a recent Wall Street Journal editorial arguing that the loss of the tax incentives for electric vehicle purchases was a bigger issue than Tesla fans would accept Musk took
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