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SBP warns against fake calls

KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Monday advised customers not to share personal information on telephone calls on the pretext of biometric verification. “It has come to our knowledge that fraudsters are attempting to defraud the banking …Read more

State Bank cautions people against fake calls

ISLAMABAD The State Bank of Pakistan SBP has reiterated its decision asking the general public not to share personal information on fake calls It has come to our knowledge that fraudsters are attempting to defraud the banking customers by seeking
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SBP warns citizens against scam phone calls

In a statement the State Bank of Pakistan SBP underscored the gravity of the matter and advised against revealing information such as CNIC number bank account number password etc on fake calls from individuals impersonating as officials of SBP
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DATCP warns Wisconsin consumers against fake ATT calls

The state Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection is warning Wisconsin consumers to be aware information listed on your billing statement SCAM ALERT Fake ATT calls are making the rounds Call ID info is spoofed to show ATTs
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Warning against fake calls to UAE students parents

The UAE Ministry of Education has warned about suspicious phone calls to parents from people posing as officials from the ministry and inquiring about their childrens school details The ministry has asked parents to inform law enforcement officials if
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SCAM ALERT Nevada Highway Patrol warns against fake NHP calls

NHP says several people in Reno have received the call from a blocked number A man tells the callers there is an outstanding warrant for their arrest and demands money NHP says they would never call anyone in an attempt to clear an outstanding warrant
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DA Warns Against Fake IRS Calls Warrant for Your Arrest

The con artists often call a second time pretending to be police or send the mark bogus but official-looking emails If you get a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS asking for a payment or wanting to send you a refund heres what
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