Save a Life in 60 seconds

Leverage the power of connected world by helping people by sharing the cause on social media. Lives can be saved, improved with education, financial support, even with a good advice. Help Us Now.

Share with Friends and Help the Cause

We helped

This is one case who has started with us and with the support of our thousands on members they were later highlighted on various TV channels and have raised funds. 


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You can help deserving people in your community or if you are in need. Collective we can help people and improve many lives.

Every Cause requires a video message to foster trust and provide contact information on which people can directly contact to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I want to help people but i don't have money

With our “Save a Life in 60 seconds” you don’t have pay any money to anyone. You just share their problem from Janbaaz website to you social media profile.

Does Janbaaz Network gets any Benefit?

No, Janbaaz Network does not charge or gets any kind of benefit from this initiative. Only intent of this initiative is to enable communities to support deserving people using social media.

I want to post a cause

Anyone can post a cause at anytime with direct contact information. Verified causes receives a verified badge which indicates authenticity of cause.

What is a Verified cause?

Cause, that is verified by minimum 3 (random) Janbaaz Team members is called verified cause.