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Saudi planning to relax travel restrictions for women, says report

Saudi officials say kingdom will ease travel restrictions that prevent women from leaving country without legal consent of a male guardian.Read more

Saudi planning to relax travel restrictions for women says report

Saudi Arabia plans to implement changes to the guardianship system to allow women to travel without the approval of a male relative the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday citing senior sources in the Gulf kingdom A senior Saudi advisor told the
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Saudis plan to ease restrictions on womens ability to travel without male permission

Saudi Arabia is planning this year to loosen restrictions on women the travel restrictions would be changed this year as a result of the committees work saying the directive had come from the top An expanded version of this report appears
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Saudi Arabia planning to relax male guardianship laws

Saudi Arabia may be planning to relax the countrys strict male guardianship laws to allow women to leave the country without permission from a male relative according to reports Travel restrictions rights organisations say the male guardianship
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Women and Saudi Arabias Male Guardianship System

As dozens of Saudi women told Human Rights Watch the male guardianship system is the most significant impediment You should have a five-year plan I say I cant Ill have a five-year plan and then my dad would disagree
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Saudi government says it will allow women to drive

Women in Saudi Arabia will be permitted to drive in the kingdom for the first time according to a royal decree issued in Riyadh on Tuesday that overturned one of the most widely criticized restrictions would not need to travel with male guardians
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Ethiopian-Israeli protests remain quiet after police warning

In a profanity-laced video posted on Twitter and viewed more than 37000 times a Saudi woman report The final of the Palestine Cup is postponed after Israel denies Gaza-based players permits to travel the Palestinian Football Association says
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