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Saudi Arabia is reportedly ditching laws that allow men to control women's travel with a …

A senior Saudi government source told The Wall Street Journal that women over 18 will no longer need male permission to travel, after a directive …Read more

Saudi Arabia is reportedly ditching laws that allow men to control womens travel with a government app after a global backlash

Saudi Arabia is reportedly ending laws which require women to get permission from a man before leaving the country It follows a global backlash to reporting by INSIDER on the government app Absher which allowed men to enforce the permissions system via
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Saudi Arabia Unofficial Guardianship Rules Banned

Saudi Arabia law allow a woman access to any government service The need for substantial systemic reform is starkest with regard to the states response to violence against women Human Rights Watch said The guardianship system allows men to
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How Saudi Arabias Plan B became a game-changer in Syria

Over a series of interviews the source which has opted to remain anonymous reveals that Saudi Arabia has managed to secure wide international albeit unannounced – support for its initiative to end the Syrian crisis The Saudi efforts are reportedly
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Lebanon PMs party calls for his return from Saudi Arabia

The liberation of Boukamal is of great importance because it is a declaration of the fall of this groups project in the region generally and the collapse of its supporters illusions to divide it control travel to the country Saudi Arabia
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Former US senator Bob Graham blasts Saudi Arabia officials over 911 links

Officials in Saudi Arabia reportedly told the Obama administration they will sell off hundreds of billions of dollars of American assets if Congress passes a bill that would allow the Saudi government Of the 19 men behind the attacks 15 were citizens
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Saudi Arabia vs Iran From twin pillars to proxy wars

the shah reportedly urged Faisal to modernize Saudi Arabia within the framework of Western cultural values saying Please my brother modernize Open up your country Make the schools mixed women and men Let women wear miniskirts Have discos
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