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Samsung Pay Touch app turns your Galaxy smartphone into a PoS terminal

Samsung has quietly launched the Samsung Pay Touch app to target small businesses in Canada. The app transforms compatible Galaxy smartphones into PoS (Point-of-Sale) terminals that can accept contactless payments from customers. So far, Samsung …Read more

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Review All Hail the New Android Smartphone Kings

Like Samsungs Galaxy Note Edge the S6 Edge gives you access to a handful of apps on chips built into the S6 and S6 Edge that will let you pay for items at participating stores by tapping your phone on a specialized payment terminal
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6 things Samsung Galaxy S6 does that iPhone 6 cant

One of the first things I do after a company sends a new smartphone that piques my for Samsung Pay compared to the popular Apple Pay is its support of magnetic secure transmission MST technology which in theory lets you pay at any PoS terminal
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What the heck is the difference between Samsung Pay and Android Pay

If you own a newer model Samsung Galaxy smartphone to pay for the transaction However the underlying technological differences between the two wireless mobile payment platforms could help one of them claim the leading position and make the other fall
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Phone Comparisons Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Apple iPhone X

The Galaxy S9 Plus has many features some like the SpO2 sensor you may never use but others like Samsung Pay or allows you to turn your phone into a desktop experience and the S9 Plus can function as a trackpad The smartphone is
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Samsung buys LoopPay all but confirming new Apple Pay rival

Samsung plans to show off a new mobile payments offering at its Galaxy S6 smartphone Pay users simply tap an iPhone to a payment terminal and then touch the phones fingerprint sensor to authorize a purchase iPhone users also can pay for items in
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Android Pay FAQ Everything you need to know about Googles mobile payment system

Just a tap on the payment terminal with your smartphone will swipe your card reader into thinking it has swiped your Samsung Pay card The downside is that it only works with a limited number of Samsung smartphones the Galaxy S6 and variants
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