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Samsung is trying to become a 5G chipset supplier for Chinese OEMs

Samsung has reportedly supplied two of China’s biggest smartphone OEMs with 5G chipsets for testing purposes. Both OPPO and Vivo are said to have received sample units from Samsung, anticipating that Qualcomm and MediaTek alone won’t be able to …Read more

T-Mobile Confirms Samsung 5G Phone

It looks like the 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy S10which a lot of people are calling the Beyond Xis coming to all four US carriers T-Mobile is working on that phone too and other 5G devices with other OEMs and chipset manufacturers T-Mobile
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T-Mobile will have that phone the first Samsung 5G phone

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray ripped into ATT and Verizon in a blog post about their and its own 5G deployment plans In so doing it has tacitly confirmed that it will have the first 5G phone to be produced by Samsung other OEMs and chipset manufacturers
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5G is a golden opportunity for Chinese OEMs

It also represents a major opportunity for infrastructure developers researchers and manufacturers its goal of becoming a global tech innovator Today a wide range of Chinese telecommunication companies are working on the 5G IMT 2020 standard
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Samsungs Note 10 Can Beat Galaxy S10 With Three Features

With the release of Samsung is that price has become a key battle ground for smartphone manufacturers in recent years Part of that is to do with stalling sales and people holding on to their devices for longer so OEMs are trying to tempt new
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A Look At The 5G Opportunity

5G rollout already has commenced in the US and other countries and will become manufacturer Samsung is well positioned to benefit as customers upgrade their smartphone to be able to access 5G Samsung also will benefit as 5G equipment supplier and
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If Huawei sell 5G chip to Apple it will be a win-win deal

In order to solve the 5G chip issues Apple had contacted Samsung and it can become a supplier of Apple 5G chips for a long time As a result 5G chips will bring greater benefits to Huawei Although Apple is trying to self-develop baseband chips
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