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Samsung Galaxy A80 smartphone full review: no selfie camera, no bezel, good looks, poor hardware

Samsung has given its A80 a daring design, but the camera is not up to standard and the fingerprint sensor is slow; It has dropped the annoying Bixby digital assistant button and has a camera that rotates to face the front or back. Topic | Smartphones · Ben Sin.Read more

Oppo Find X – BEND TEST FAIL!!

Galaxy S10 Durability Test – Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scratched?!

Customization Tip – Remap Volume & Other Keys (NO Root)


Samsung Galaxy A80 smartphone full review no selfie camera no bezel good looks poor hardware

The phones in Samsungs mid-tier Galaxy A series targeted at buyers in Southeast Asia used to be relatively modest offerings that were conservative in both specs and design But with Chinese sub-brands such as Oppos Realme and Huaweis Honor
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Samsung Galaxy A80 Review Pop-Up Camera Done Wrong

It would appear that the motorized pop-up selfie camera hardware hasnt exactly been good howeverthe A80 is hard to recommend anyway because its really overpriced Great looks surround a mid-tier package The Galaxy A80 is part of Samsung
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The Galaxy A80 has more going for it than camera gimmicks

With the Galaxy A80 Samsung presents a smartphone elongated camera module rotates 180 degrees on the horizontal axis Thus the main camera also serves as a selfie camera This opens up numerous possibilities for photographing no matter in which
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LG G8 Review

Theres no multiple-eyed camera arrangement blacks and greater vivacity from colours on-screen Related Samsung Galaxy S10 review Unfortunately while a bevvy of established LG phones are approved for HDR viewing when using services such as Netflix
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Is it me or have smartphones become interesting again

Look no looks like a flagship in its own right Galaxy A phones dont just have the premium look though a few of them arrived with features even Samsungs flagships didnt yet have The Galaxy A80 above had Samsungs first sliding flipping
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Samsung Galaxy S10 review

Is it a good camera Sure it is But I wished Samsung had done more to blow every other phone camera away This is the third year in a row Samsungs kept virtually the same image quality for its Galaxy S phones No offense but I can crop in on a selfie
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