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Sam Newman compares US women's star Megan Rapinoe to a dog

Rapinoe turned turmoil into triumph Friday night, scoring twice in the much-anticipated clash with host France to send the defending champion United States into the semi-finals of the Women's World Cup with a 2-1 victory. Two days earlier, Rapinoe had been …Read more

Sam Newman compares US womens star Megan Rapinoe to a dog

Sam Newman has unloaded on controversial US footballer Megan Rapinoe Even ex-AFL star Sam Newman was piling on declaring Megan has all the characteristics of a dog except loyalty Rapinoe her hair highlighted with a pastel pink scored
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Megan Rapinoe says she was really disappointed at Hope Solos cowards rant

US soccer player Megan Rapinoe says she is disappointed at goalkeeper Hope Solo for lashing out at the Swedish team and calling them a bunch of cowards Solos comments came after Sweden eliminated Team USA from the Rio Olympics in a 4-3 loss after
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US Women at World Cup beat Australia 3-1 in opener

The US Womens National Team began their quest for a third FIFA Goalkeeper Hope Solo was able to keep her focus on the field and make some nice saves in the early going and Megan Rapinoe scored the first and last goals of the match for the winners
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