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Salihli'de zincirleme kaza: 6 ölü, 20 yaralı

Manisa'nın Salihli ilçesinde, yolcu otobüsü, panelvan minibüs ve otomobilin karıştığı zincirleme kazada, 6 kişi yaşamını yitirdi, 20 kişi yaralandı. Kaza nedeniyle karayolunda ulaşım uzun süre tek şeritten kontrollü olarak sağlandı. Kaza, saat 18.00 sıralarında, …Read more

Financial Services Confidence Index Fell By 16 Pts n April

Financial Services Confidence Index FSCI which was obtained by weighting and consolidating the responses of 155 institutions operating in the financial sector decreased by 16 points in April Financial Services Confidence Index FSCI which was
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Irish Tourist Killed n Turkey

An Irish tourist was killed in the Bodrum district of the Aegean province of Mula on June 3John Edward Donnelly 64 arrived in the district 20 days ago and rented a vacation apartmentHis body was found naked in the apartment with stab wounds in his
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All-out challenge to the Palace from Kldarolu If I prove it will you resign

They stood up for democracy They stood up for the flag This is the peoples 15 July THE COUP OF 20 JULY IS THE DATE ON WHICH THE GOVERNMENT WAS AUTHORISED TO ISSUE DECREES CHP leader Kldarolu continued We came to 20 July
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Child Rights Heroes Of Millions Of Young People Announced

Guylande Msadieu Haiti who has been fighting for 20 years for children who have been forced into slavery children in prison and children on the street The candidates have been selected by a jury of children from 15 different countries Since its
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Prosecutor Objects Release Of Suspects n Journalist Attack Case

An Istanbul prosecutor objected to the release of six suspects on Oct 6 in the investigation of the attack on daily Hrriyet columnist Ahmet Hakan Seven suspects were sent to court with a demand for their arrest on the grounds of initiating an
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