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Safaricom apologises over message sent to customers threatening to switch off SIM cards

Safaricom has apologised to its customers over an early morning message that was sent threatening to have their SIM cards switched off over failure to top up. On Saturday, June 29, subscribers were stunned after receiving the message urging them to top up …Read more

Gang hijacked mobile phones to steal 28M from Vodafone customers

The four men assigned the phone numbers of Vodafone customers to a SIM card in their possession by calling up and posing as the account holder They then used the SIM cards to repeatedly call premium rate lines they had purchased which typically had
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Mobile money Paga bids to offer quality service

At the same time millions had been recruited into Safaricoms M-Pesa mobile money transfer service In just about three years of MPESA three phone operators launched the service and enrolled over 95 million customers and recruited over 27000 agents
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Going Abroad Pack The Cell Phone

It costs 50 cents to send a text message and receive or Sprint Nextel customer Can I unlock these phones and use a local SIM card If you have a CDMA-only or iDEN phone the answer is no These devices dont use SIM cards and they do not operate
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TalkTalk gives all customers free upgrade of extra TV channels or a mobile package

TalkTalk customers will be able to take their pick from a range of freebies as the telecoms firm apologises the one-off financial cost of up to 35million including the loss of online sales and services That modest amount sent shares in the business
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For African migrants journey to Europe dangerous exhausting

At the campsite Hilarion Charlemagne illustrates his journey with a collection of cellphone SIM cards This one is from Togo the first few make it to Hungary and send triumphant messages to friends The smuggler returns to Thessaloniki with
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British Gas ordered to pay 265m refunds over exit fees errors after MSE investigation

Reclaim 1000s Go to full Reclaim 1000s section Reclaim 1000s Go to full Reclaim 1000s section Utilities Phones Go to full Utilities Phones section Utilities Phones Go to full Utilities Phones section Banking Saving Go to full Banking
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