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Russell Crowe gets his best role in years with Fox News exposé The Loudest Voice

Save for maybe Rupert Murdoch, there's almost no one left who would even go through the motions of pretending to deny Fox News is anything but an outlet for right-wing propaganda. Even among its core viewership, that's the appeal, not a smear. And as …Read more

Television Heres what to watch on TV this summer

June 24 FX The Loudest Voice Whatever else is said about this miniseries based on Gabriel Shermans biography The Loudest Voice in the Room Russell Crowes transformation for the role of the Fox News Channel architect and
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The Loudest Voice Stars Naomi Watts Russell Crowe Talk Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes may have been the force behind the creation of Fox News forever be his atrocious sexual harassment of several of the networks female anchors and producers Showtime premiered its new limited series The Loudest Voice which
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Team player Russell Crowe shines in private eye bromance

Los Angeles AFP – Russell Crowe was preparing on The chat said Crowe was transformative Hurt found his mojo and cast aside his worries to give one of his best performances and become an inspiration to the cast Crowe a veteran of more than
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The Loudest Voice turns the spotlight on Roger Ailes the man who made President Trump possible

Five years and many dramatic twists later a vastly different version of that project has come to fruition Premiering Sunday on Showtime The Loudest Voice is a seven-part limited series starring Russell Crowe as Ailes Sienna Miller as his devoted
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Russell Crowe to play late Fox chief Roger Ailes in new series

Russell Crowe will play the role of disgraced Fox News Loudest Voice in the Room the eight-part series will showcase the rise and fall of Ailes who resigned from his post in 2016 following accusations of sexual harassment and passed away last year
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Russell Crowe to star as Fox News Roger Ailes in Showtime miniseries

Russell Crowe will play Fox News harassment accusations and settlements that brought his Fox News reign to an end Related Showtime gets series about Fox News founder Roger Ailes Crowe who won Best Actor for 2000s Gladiator is one of the biggest
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