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Rumor Outlines Intel Comet Lake Features, Specifications, and Launch Window

Rumored details of Intel’s upcoming Comet Lake architecture have been posted via XFastest which published supposedly internal presentation slides that mention Comet Lake. The information gleaned from these slides seem to confirm most of the details …Read more

Intel Ice Lake release date news and features

Intels announcement of Ice Lake at CES 2019 came as a surprise and it was even more surprising to hear that these 10nm Ultrabook-class processors would release this holiday season in the US We dont have a narrower release window than that
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Intel 10th-Gen Ice Lake CPUs Everything you need to know

The delays were numerous but 2019 is the year Intel will finally jump the hurdle with its 10th-gen Ice Lake processors From the initial announcement at CES 2019 to the more detailed specs released looking to release 14nm Comet Lake parts as an
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Intel 8-Core Coffee Lake CPU And Z390 Motherboards Launching In October According To Roadmap Leak

If past leaks are any indication Intel is getting ready to launch a handful of 9th generation Core processors essentially a refresh of Coffee Lake including one or Specifically it outlines an addition to its Core-X series Basin Falls Refresh
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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 could arrive in spring Here are possible specs release date and more

Rumors launch of the Surface Pro 5 Earlier this month Microsoft demonstrated Windows 10 running on an ARM processor which has many speculating that the new Surface Pro 5 will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 processor instead of an Intel Kaby Lake
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Apples New MacBook Air Uses MacBook-Class Amber Lake Chip Updated

Intel announced these Amber Lake chips models they use the specifications here – 36GHz turbo with Intel UHD Graphics 617 – do not match any known Intel chip even when factoring in various cTDP options Weve heard rumors of Intel putting together
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Intels fastest X-Series chips will challenge AMDs Threadripper in September

In the desktop processor space Intel Lake But Intel will take a generational chip design revamp it for better processing and added features and launch products alongside the current-generation portfolio Thus youll find new X-Series
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